The evolution of business travel

Zuca makes really cool luggage. A favorite of makeup artists for years, they have drawers and a sturdy exoskeleton you can sit on. They wanted to expand their market and reach high end business travelers. I was contacted by the Los Angeles based ad agency they had hired, to create an illustration to be used in an ad. The logo I had created for the mechanics (Paul Revere on horseback) had caught the agency’s attention, and it was the style they wanted to follow. My instructions were to mimick the evolution chart, and in each stage have the traveler experiencing some form of pain and suffering due to their luggage. They envisioned two different concepts, one that followed the traditional horizontal chart, and another that was more dimensional.

evolution sketch Evolution2


Once the sketches had been approved, I finalized the silhouettes in Illustrator.

horizontal evolution

Evolution Concept2

Here’s a couple  close ups of some of the stages.

Stages 1-3Stage 1 REVISED


Stage 4 Horizontal

And here’s a look at the final ad.

ZUC101-Strn Surv-v5-FINAL-HR

ZUC101-Strn Surv-v5-FINAL-HR

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